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Guan Wei, Detail from Feng Shui, 2004. Acrylic on composite board. Museum of Contemporary Art, donated through the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program by Cromwell Diversified Property Trust. Reproduced courtesy of the artist.

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an4aa curatorial series 2022

an4aa curatorial series 2022


Min-Jung Kim

on Five Hundred Arhats of Changnyeongsa Temple at the Powerhouse Museum

Friday, 13 MAY 2022, 1.00–2.00pm (AEST)

The Five Hundred Arhats were discovered in 2001–02 among the ruins of the Changnyeongsa temple in Yeongwol, Gangwon-do Province in South Korea and are believed to be around 800 years old.


This exhibition features one Buddha and 50 arhat statues with lifelike expressions, from joy and serenity to anger and sorrow: the gamut of human emotion. Incorporated into an installation created by artist Kim Seung Young made up of more than 1000 audio speakers the exhibition suggests the arhats are meditating in an attitude of intimate, reclusive poise amidst a cacophony that evokes the distracting bustle of urban life.


Produced in collaboration with the Chuncheon National Museum of Korea the exhibition serves as a poignant reminder that each of us is a noble being with the potential to attain enlightenment.

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